About Us

Learning Arena provides a compelling learning experience for students that helps develop deeper knowledge and skills in problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking skills so highly desired for the world today.

Our Approach

For Students: Personalized teaching at a convenient time at home or in classroom where tutoring plan can be customized based on learning needs.

For Individuals: A compelling learning experience to help develop soft skills like public speaking, communication, interview handling, presentation skills etc to help face the today's workforce challenges.

For Organizations & Institutions : Customized training modules based on the training needs.


We are a group of women entrepreneurs with a passion for coaching,training and teaching to help students,adults and institutions align with the digital ready learning and working environment.


A next generation platform for learning & training using a combination of in person, online and immersive techniques and environment for the students of the 21st century for their holistic personal and professional development.


Learning Arena is excellent. Online and offline classes by Learning Arena has made a high impact on students performance. Highly recommended!

Rakesh T

Jun 11, 2018

This arena is wonderful and the Management is very friendly. It gives students a hands on experience in learning in a friendly way.The concept of Online teaching is being recognized worldwide and Learning Arena is an awesome platform !

Latha Prasad

Jun 11, 2018