" Our greatest obligation to our children is to prepare them to understand and to deal effectively with the world in which they will live and not with the world we have known or the world we would prefer to have.." - Grayson Kirk

    • Classroom Management Workshop

      May 23, 2018
      Sometimes the motivators also need to be motivated. Glimpses of the classroom management workshop organized for a group of fifty teachers.
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    • Student Motivation

      May 23, 2018
      Students were made to realize that the gap between dreams and reality lies in the actions taken during the student motivation session conducted for the tenth standard students of St. Teresas School, Ghaziabad.
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    • Summer Camps

      May 23, 2018
      Summer camps at learning arena were organized in small batches of 10 days. Children spent their day time with us learning as they play. There were fun filled activities which helped them develop their speaking, reading, writing , creative think skills. Most of the activities were focused on boosting their self confidence and helping them explore their hidden talents.
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    • Students's Poetry

      May 13, 2016

      It's not all about me is a poem written by the students at Learning arena as part of creative writing assignment. The key feature of this writing prompt is the student had to write a poem in which every first sentence in the poem starts with the letters of his name and the challenge was poem should not be about the student himself. This helped him identify not only his skill in writing poems but also his creative thinking skills. c0cc89_1de5cab662ac40ec976dca6d42a0287e-mv2.jpg

      A smile is like a heaven,

      Don't break the laughter, it'll be like hell.

      It's all the smile you got,

      The smile is woven on your lips,

      Yelling your soul to smile,


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    • Small Group Teaching

      Mar 17, 2016

      Small group teaching has become more popular as a means of encouraging student learning. While beneficial the tutor needs a different set of skills for those used in lecturing, and more pertinently, small group work is an often luxury many lecturers cannot afford.

      In a discussion, where participation is assessed some students may not speak up in a group that begins to be get bigger than 10 participants and in addition tutors would find it hard to assess participation by individual students in groups with numbers greater than this. Regardless of the group size the learning environment should pr...

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    • How Technology can shape learning?

      Jan 03, 2016

      No generation is more at ease with online, collaborative technologies than today’s young people— “digital natives”, who have grown up in an immersive computing environment. Where a notebook and pen may have formed the tool kit of prior generations, today’s students come to class armed with smart phones, laptops and iPods. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of survey respondents from the public and private sectors say that technological innovation will have a major impact on teaching methodologies over the next five years. It will become ever more interwoven in the fabric of academic life.

      Online learning...

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