The Beginning

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

Hello Everyone! This is the first post on my blog....Well its been quite sometime that I have wanted to pen down and share a lot of experiences . When I say share...I honestly don't know do I want to share it with the world...or do I want to know my own inner self a little better through these posts...In any case ...just wanted to begin somewhere and here I am...The year 2016 would mean a decade of my working experience....started as a Junior Research a college lecturer to Asst. Prof....back to a school teacher online tutor..a trainer...a motivational speaker ..and finally an entrepreneur and a 'CEO'...Woh!!! that was a roller coaster of ups and downs for ten years ...but yes I have gone through them all....

As a student, as a teacher , and as an employee..I have attended many of these motivational sessions and have read ample self help books...Dale Carnegie...Shiv Khera...Chicken Soup series...and many more ... where most of them summarize to just one thought of "Chasing your dreams", "Doing what you like", " Being Happy in what you do for a living"... I had always believed all these statements sound good when a skilled trainer narrates it so well or a skilled writer writes it so well that it ignites us temporarily...but as we start facing the reality...we start knowing the world ...all these starts diminishing and we settle down for something that fetches our basic needs. "Chasing your dreams becomes chasing to meet monthly expenses"..."Doing what you like" becomes "Forced to like what you do"...I would have believed that following the passion....making your passion a living ....all these are for people who are either born with a silver spoon or those who are so lucky that life just gives them everything that they want until it really happened to me when I realized...Yes I can also follow my dreams not only in Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam's words but also in my own life....All it took me was to identify my fascinations...understand what makes me happy...put a lot of efforts and a of course a lot of support...from family...friends..and people who are neither friends nor family but are more important than both.

Passion Vibes is a collection of my experiences in life /career. I separated career and life with a / as career has become an inseparable part of my life and my life is incomplete without my career.