Little Things

Posted on Sep 22, 2016

Thank you once again for an overwhelming response and immense support!!!

Each one of us have our own way of getting inspired, motivated and keep that tiny little spark running within us. For me and I am sure for most of you, reading and reflecting on quotations have had a lot of impact. Very recently, as I was surfing through different quotations and finding an apt one for one of my training sessions, I found this one which took me back to my graduation days where I left the last post and inspired me to write this one.....

"Enjoy the little things each day, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things"

                                            - Robert Brault

College: The best of times, the worst of times. I like to put it that way because all those times which I thought were the worst times were actually the best times. Little did we realize that the times we thought were most stressed, where we felt we were in midst of biggest issues in the world were actually the most relaxed and stress free times one could ever have. I can't resist myself from sharing about the much cherished hostel life which began as a nightmare and ended up as a bunch of indelible memories.

Thanks to Calicut University for having delayed the approval for the course that I selected, I had the advantage of joining the hostel a month later than the students from other streams. Like other writers I don't exactly remember my first day in the hostel, but I definitely remember a few incidents in the first month which left me staggered.

On a Friday Evening, as soon as the girls returned from the college, I heard some one banging the manual bell, and in a second I could see all the girls who were till now calmly settled in their rooms running so fast towards the dormitory of rest rooms, for sometime I even thought if they changed the venue for evening snacks.........seeing my startled expressions , one among them was kind enough to give up her race and explain that every quarter this exercise happens where they change your room and accordingly your rest rooms too..and you need to book your timings and shower only during those timings....Huh! So all of them were rushing to get their best time!

Well I had this habit of sitting up late for studies and getting up late in the one of those days when the studious genius in me awoke...( which rarely does ) I wanted to read a little extra and spend some time working on some problems...Unfortunately none of my roommates sat up late..I would observe them closing their day by 10.p.m. everyday..for first week I followed them not bothering to ask there I was prepared to sit up late with all my texts & referral books on the table waiting for 10:00 p.m. sharp to start my night study...I would have hardly started reading that there goes an alarm and along with that all the lights too....I was surprised..again a kind angel enlightened me that the switches in the room are all dummy..they are actually controlled by the warden..which is switched off at 10:00 p.m. and switched on at 5:00 a.m...does not end with that...switching off fans at 5:00 a.m. was the wake up alarm for all the girls to attend the compulsory prayer.!!!

These were just two of those many interesting incidents....the list is never ending like...three minute once in a week phone call to home, getting to watch TV only on a Sunday that too a movie of everyone's choice not only yours, five hour long study time spent in absolute silence on the study table with only books around , 15 minute break spent in absolute noise and total fun, Compulsory prayer session, fixed time for food and many more.

All this might sound trivial and part of a normal routine. But this ordinary not so special routine hid life's most important lessons for me. I look back with gratitude towards those missionary sisters who thoughtfully prepared our schedule because if not for the 20 minute shower rule, 10 minute recreation,No food even if a minute late for the mess I would have never learnt to value time.

They say thoughts are vital little things that shape your life, if not for the compulsory hour long prayer sessions I would have never been able to meet my inner self and align my thoughts which I believe have given me strength every day.

Like this knowingly or unknowingly each day was a lesson learnt which I still cherish and hold very close to my heart. I am sure by now you must have gone back to your good old days where little things might have had an impact on you....will be really happy to hear from you and would be great if you can share your experience here.......