Peace is possible

Posted on Sep 22, 2016

"Peace is possible" is the title of a campaign organised by a non profit organization that I recently became a part of. They organised this as an observation in connection with the International Peace Day on 21 September. The campaign aimed at sharing and creating awareness & thoughtfulness on how each one of us can contribute to make Peace possible.

Though have heard of this day and read about its importance but never got an opportunity to put my thoughts together because for some reason I have always felt such days like International Peace day, World Environment Day, AIDS Day and many more similar days which are observed for a cause on an international level are not meant for ordinary people like me, I have nothing to contribute other than read, write or talk about it. I am sure I will have many of you agreeing and thinking on similar lines.

Well that's when I tried changing the perspectives of my thoughts and realized that "Peace doesn't require two people, It requires only one that is me". In order to achieve peace around us each one of us need to achieve peace within us which is being in a state of mental and spiritual calmness with enough knowledge to keep one strong in the time of stress. We might talk of and discuss multiple solutions to achieve peace at a neighbourhood level, at a national level, at an International level but true peace is achieved when it is accomplished at an individual level.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said, Nobody can hurt me without my permission. There is a lot of negative energy in the world but we can all attempt to live in an inner peace. Though it is easy to preach and difficult to practice but some key facts which can be preached as well as practised:

  1. Simplifying life...not complicating beyond what is needed.

  2. Accepting Others...their behaviours and perspectives.

  3. Forgiveness.....Letting go of the past.

  4. Enjoying what we do.

Those were my thoughts & beliefs on how could peace be possible within each one of us. This goes well not only on a planned day but also on days that are messed up and upset....Let's be smart...Stay calm ....and make peace happen within us and around us........