Students's Poetry

Posted on May 13, 2016

It's not all about me is a poem written by the students at Learning arena as part of creative writing assignment. The key feature of this writing prompt is the student had to write a poem in which every first sentence in the poem starts with the letters of his name and the challenge was poem should not be about the student himself. This helped him identify not only his skill in writing poems but also his creative thinking skills. c0cc89_1de5cab662ac40ec976dca6d42a0287e-mv2.jpg

A smile is like a heaven,

Don't break the laughter, it'll be like hell.

It's all the smile you got,

The smile is woven on your lips,

Yelling your soul to smile,

All when sadness comes,

Don't bother about it,

It's Just making you unhappy.

Like you would never have a smile,

Just leave the sadness and head for a new smile.

If there is an incident to smile,

Try your best and give the best smile you can.

Written by: Aditya Diljit, VII Grade, Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, Calicut, Student at Learning Arena.

Kindness is wonderful for all.

Enthusiasm is useful for all.

Vigour is essential to strive.

Interest is crucial to live.

Nothing is better than this.

Jokes will help you laugh.

Anger will make you tough,

Concentration can bring you up,

Originality makes you down to earth,

Because all of this is worth.

Written by Kevin Jacob, IX Grade, Devagiri CMI Public School, Calicut, Student at Learning Arena.